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Growing a Room

and many more



Faces We Make

Airy, the Enchanted CloudCreature

Word Warrior brings Airy, a creature from the clouds.
Into Zoey and Joey’s room and you’ll be allowed.
To learn Airy’s secrets because you think,
That magic can happen; in the space of a blink.

From the window, Airy sprinkles cloud-dust as a token,
The twins wake up and before words are spoken.
Airy whispers, “You'll be glad to stay awake.
Bring paper and pencil so notes you can make.

Our first tale is about my birth high up in the sky,
We cloud people stroll around, we even can fly.
Our job is to teach children all that we know
Like which pet to get or how to walk on top of the snow.”

Any time you think about what you wish to learn,
I'll hear that thought and straight away will return.
I’ll come at night through your windowpane,
And all of you questions will be explained.
So bye for now, my sweet sister and brother,
Think of me as your special cloud mother


The Birth of Airy

Coming Soon!