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The People

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This book is all about how emotions show on our faces plus what that emotion means.

Adrian Doan Kim
Adrian Doan Kim, a Spain based illustrator, born in Venezuela. Raised in the alternative reality of comics, video games and 90's MTV, began to draw when he was a kid and, to date, has never stopped. All the rhymes are illustrated by Adrian.

At 23, KimZ, is already a full-time artist and illustrator in Vietnam. Her drawings are inspired by kids and nature.  She loves to draw for children books.  inspiration from nature and children. She did all the drawings for the vocabulary pages. Her personal page is

Thesderina McGurglestein

Our fearless leader created wordwarriorKIDS.NET.
All her life she has been writing rhymes for birthdays, anniversaries and other life events and decided to put it to good use.'s goal is to delight as well as promote literacy, build self-esteem and booster compassionate character development. 

Julie Kroll
She has worked with the fabulous creator of this website for almost 20 years! Currently mainly working on the website’s social media, marketing, and voice-overs; but if there's an administrative task, she's the one!  Also a piano teacher, and a Mom to a teenage son. 

Chris Hardy
Chris has been writing & recording his own music since 1978. Living in Augusta, Georgia, he also does voice overs and cartoon impressions professionally. And Chris plays all of the instruments that you hear in his recordings!

Douglas Haines

Douglas Haines has been entertaining audiences with original music for three decades.  He is an Americana singer/songwriter, blending acoustic guitar melodies with a poet’s gift for capturing a story in lyric form.

Byran Pike
Bryan is an accomplished voice actor, adept at a variety of character voices and accents. He has contributed voicework to various paid animation, phone app, gaming, TVC, film and radio projects. Influences include the Goon Show, The League of Gentlemen, Peter Sellers, Steve Coogan, John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Rik Mayall, Lee Evans, Catherine Tate, Ronni Ancona et al If you hear a man speak it is Byran.

Phillip Light
Phillip Light is an artist and illustrator living in Southern California. He currently works at Dreamworks Animation Television as a Color Stylist. He enjoys creating artwork full of story and captivating characters. All the wordwarrior characters were conceived by Phillip.

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