I was born with a dictionary stuck to my back.
My job is to toss correct words out of its stack.

Speaking and writing are main life events.
Each form of expression clearly represents,

Exactly who you are, what you believe.
It's best to make sure your words will achieve,
Complete understanding by everyone you meet.
The right word will assistin achieving this feat.

In order to stay in the Word Warrior loop,
You'll need help from the rest of my group.

Like me these word warriors areenamored 
With spelling, vocabulary,punctuation, and grammar.

Call on Pencil Princess to get your thoughts out,

And Calig Knight cursive gives them more clout.

Eraser Ninja makes mistakes disappear,
And Ranger Highlighter uses his beam so that they are clear. 

All Word Warrior kids know language is, without doubt
The power you need to make sure life will work out.

Because before someone knows you, they hear what you say.
It should be exactly what you’re mean, not just halfway.

Should someone know you only by reading what you write,
You want to be sure your words will deliver it right.

All of us Warriors are here to teach you with rhymes,
And we don’t care if we have to go over it hundreds of times.

Copyright Nancilee Wydra, 2014. All rights reserved.  This information can not be duplicated or reproduced.

Word Warrior

Word Warrior