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You’ll never go wrong
Finding out about yourself in song!
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This weekend we need to reflect
More importantly we should show our respect
To those serving our country and keeping us from harm’s way
They’re the ones that made sure our country was not led astray
What they had in common was the desire to serve
To make sure our freedoms stayed well preserved
Memorial weekend is the time to embrace
Gratitude for the liberties these soldiers have kept in place

The Uncommon Land?

I see before me a stretch of land
And stroll to enter without a plan
Over the brink I boldly stride
Into an uncommon place without a guide.

Birds live in houses, not in trees.
And front doors open with marshmallow keys
Ponds are filled with chocolate milk
And all the clothes are made of silk

Beds are covered in eider down
And mouths never turn down in a frown
If you ask another to assist
They never will your request dismiss

Those in charge think more about
Should they sup at home or dinner out?
Dust isn’t allowed inside
And no one feels dissatisfied

Where is this place does it exist?
And why am I in its midst?
I hear a voice from far away
This is the land where good children stay
It’s the uncommon land where all children are
As mighty as a king powerful as a czar
But if a child acts selfish or the least bit mean
Or thinks school is a bunch of beans
Then the door will shut and they can’t get in
No matter how much they feel chagrin

If its uncommon land you want to return
Then you have to prove you want to learn

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