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Bobbing Boats at  BathTime

Copyright Nancilee Wydra, 2014. All rights reserved.  This information can not be duplicated or reproduced.

Every night when I take a bath,
I try to make my Mommy laugh.
I bring with me my cutest boat,
And try to help it stay afloat.

Through hills and valleys of bobbing bubbles,
I keep my boat away from troubles.
But when I kick, the water churns,
Then my boat flips upside down and turns.
I flip it back so it can ride,
Down my tummy’s water slide.

Before I do my final scrub,
I race it all around the tub.
Then Mommy says I have to stop.
'Cause the waves get so big they will plop,
Making the floor all soapy and wet.
Then I stare at my foamy sea with regret,
Since the thrill of navigating in my deep,
Is over now, and it’s time to sleep.