D is the Best Letter of the Alphabet


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D's know discipline  and  drive are ways to make sure, 
That what they want will be achieved as they mature. 

Donkeys, ducks, and dogs respond in similar ways.
They learn their lessons faster if their owner uses praise.

​D's understand that applauding a pal,

Keeps their friends trying as they boost their morale

Devotedto  their friends, they try hard to be fair.

If they've packed dessert for lunch, they'll happily share. 

Determined to be dependable  and dutiful as well,
You can trust D’s with your secrets and be sure they’ll never tell.

They delight in designing a dwelling or a newfangled device.
If you ask them to do something, you don’t have to ask twice.

Delighted to work hard, they never have a doubt. 
You’ll discover D kids don’t give up and they never tire out.