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I’m hungry cried the hippo as he slurped up hams and eggs.

If there’s not more I might as well leave and go to bed.

The handyman and a harpsichordist is looking for a living place.
A leaky ceiling can be fixed but is there ample space.

It’s way too small for my harpsichord I can’t possible live here,
with that the harpsichordist turned on her heels and quickly disappeared.

Hold on to your hat there’s not much that H named kids can’t do.
They can even make up stories about all the animals in the zoo.

H people know that hatred must be wiped from every heart,
Turning anger into caring sets those named H apart.

H kids have the courage, to stand up for what is right.

Like heroes they fight for justice, with all their strength and might!


Copyright Nancilee Wydra, 2014. All rights reserved.  This information can not be duplicated or reproduced.

H is the Best Letter of the Alphabet