March 6, 1899 the name aspirin

was given a patent to Mr. Bayer.

Sound familiar?

Select the blue words !

They will take you to


 A blouse made of burlap or a sharp, scary blade,
Doesn’t bother me at all or make me feel afraid.
But, if my forehead’s hot and a thermometer comes into view,
I know that there will be unpleasant things my mom will make me do.

If my fever is over 100, I'll be told to stay in bed.
And all my meals will only be tea, and toasted bread.
I’ll be told to rest and sleep, and not even to get dressed.

No video games for me, they might cause me some stress.
No going outside to play, and I won't have to go to school,

But, I'll miss a birthday party at our town's swimming pool.

The first day it's sort of fun, staying in bed and being served,
But, after several days being sick is getting on my nerves.

"I’m better, " I tell my parents as I dress in outdoor clothes,
And I hope they don’t notice, there’s still stuff running from my nose.
I clear my throat to mask a cough and wear sunglasses to hide red eyes.
I’m getting out of this house right now, though it might not be that wise.

I’m sick of being sick, vanish you rotten flue.
I want to get out of bed; you and I are through!
Some folks say you can’t wish illnesses away,
Yet, they might think it helps to meditate or pray.
But, wishing or thinking, is asking for helpful support,

And can work to make sick time be cut very short.

Your mind and body are connected, they can communicate.
Running inside your body is your personal interstate.
Thoughts travel up and down, so send one to the bug,
That’s making you ill and tell it, you’re about to pull its plug!

I'm Sick of Being Sick

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