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J is the Best Letter of the Alphabet


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Grab a sandwich and jump in a jeep.
With food in your belly, you won’t ever fall asleep.
Awake you will see jillions of things,
Like railroad junctions and butterfly wings.

J kids are cautious, but they also are brave.
They can get into some mischief, but more often behave.
When jogging at night, they wear reflecting disks,
To be visible to drivers, and minimize risks.

They enjoy being funny and collect books of jokes.
They’re wise to drink fruit juice instead of Pepsi or Cokes.

J’s will flop on a sled in January or surf waves in July.
They’re also just as thrilled to spot a jet in the sky.

J's don't judge people by the color of their skin.
No matter how we look outside; we’re all the same within.

The letter J inspires fairness in near and distant places.
Justice is a virtue that the letter J embraces.