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The Book of U
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is the Best Letter of the Alphabet !

Let’s celebrate the memories, the ones that have been,
merry times enjoyed with playmates and kin.

Motivated M’s are always quite nice,
and if you want something done, you don’t ever have to ask twice.

Mysteries, and magic and yummy Moon Pies,
are favorites of M kids, is that a surprise?
Mickey Mouse, and mermaids and a Michigan flag,
spiff up  their bedrooms and make them feel glad.

M folks understand mad is no way to feel.
It causes your tummy to ache a great, great deal.
Being calm is much better, relax, and sit down.
Put on a smile on your face and wipe off that frown.

Known for their mindfulness, and for their mirth,
M kids are priceless and so great is their worth.