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  • Divine0:14

  • Gigantic0:12

  • Poised0:14

P's  Vocabulary Page

poised: balanced and ready to begin. example:  The coach called out, “On your mark, get set, go!” and the runners poised to begin the race.
perfection: the highest quality achieved in an area; attaining excellence. 
example: Mom finished sewing Fred’s Halloween costume and both agreed that this costume was perfection!
gigantic: very large, huge, bigger than big.example: The new liger at the zoo was gigantic, much bigger than her parents, the lion or the tiger.  
​divine: so wonderful that it is almost unearthly, Godlike; perfection.example:  “Bravo!” clapped the conductor, “You’re playing is divine! Never have I heard an orchestra play it better!”

P Vocabulary