I wonder how things got their hue?
Why grass is green and skies are blue?
What if all the colors in the world could change
Would pink fireflies to us look strange?

What if my eyes were orange and my nose bright red?
What if blue hair grew from the top of my head?
Would there be boos or booming applause,
If all food was blue just because.
Are colors random or is there any ground
For canaries to be yellow and ducks to be brown?

If I could change how all things look
The whole world would be a coloring book
I’d make raindrop into glowing bubbles,
Then everyone would thank me for all my troubles.
Leaves would be patterned with colors bright,
And the shell of an egg would be orange not white.

And lastly I’d design glasses for your eyes,
That would paint everything into an exciting surprise!

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Purple Cows and Green Ants

Copyright Nancilee Wydra, 2014. All rights reserved.  This information can not be duplicated or reproduced.

Eggs rolling on lawns, bunnies hopping around,
Springtime peeks its head out on farms as well as in towns.
While Easter is Christian let’s face it all religions accept,
That springtime is the season when cold is out the door swept.
Eggs are one beginning that incubates just before birth,
Life flow out of all portals on our wonderful globe called earth.

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Purple Cows and GreenAnts

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