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  • Scared Yet? 1:23

Scared Yet?

Skeletons and jack o' lanterns with their insides lit,

Don’t bother me at all; I’ll not scared one little bit.

Zombies and creatures that can’t be killed or hurt,

Are not as scary as what was put in the pocket of my shirt.

My teacher gave me a note and told me to bring it home,

Tell my parents after reading it, to call her on the phone. 

Thinking what to do, I dawdled walking home from school.

I won't give my parents the note, I’ll be stubborn as a mule.

But before dinner was over, I knew I had to face my fears.

I handed over the teacher’s note, and my eyes swelled up with tears.

“Whatever are you crying for?” my mother said to me.

"Your teacher says your writing is the best she’ll ever see!" 

"She says you have a talent that is truly very rare.

In fact, you are the answer to her long held silent pray.

She offers to work with you, after school hours

To help your talent bloom like a garden filled with flowers."

 Running to my room, I gathered up all those papers,

I filled with made-up stories, as well as daily capers.

“Call her,” I cried, feeling so happy I could almost scream

What scared me turned out to be my most desired dream!