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T  is the Best Letterof the Alphabet !


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​Truthful and trustworthy  are words to obey,

from these ideals T kids don’t go astray
To help transform all the bad into good,
teamwork’s the way to turn can’t into could.

Train conductors, tractor drivers and tattoo artists
are trained to be careful and have to be the smartest,
Because not paying attention is all that it takes,
for them to make some thoughtless mistakes.

T's always thrivedoing things they adore, 
like tapping dancing for mom as she’s mopping the floor.

It’s tempting to say T’s the letter that’s best,
but then other letters might get quite depressed.
Much better to just praise the good points of T,
which won’t reflect  badly on others, you see.

T's are tactful, and terribly talented too.

Aren’t you happy that T describes you