Kick a ball.
Sit up tall.
Make a sound.
Touch the ground.

Point to something colored red.
Use your hand to scratch your head.
Open your closet to pick out clothes.
Take off your shoes and wiggle your toes.

There are so many things you can do,
Even though you’re only two.

Can you imagine when you turn three?
You could be a presidential nominee.

And when you’re four and someone looks,
At all your gadgets and science books,

They won't be surprised how you can get,

All the things needed to build a jet.

At five you will be up in space,
You'll have your camera just in case,
A flying saucer comes zooming by,
And they ask you to step in and fly,
To their planet Zig Zag Zonuts,
Where all they eat are powdered donuts.

Then you will be the age of six,
You'll have lots of pets, just for kicks.
At seven it will seem insane,
But you’ll figure out how to make it rain.
By eight you will be on call,
If the president needs any advice  at all.

At nine you'll realize that at last,

Being young will soon be in the past.

Next year you'll have 2 numbers in your age,

And whatever you do becomes all the rage.

While growing up is the best thing any child can do,

You'll always think back fondly to when you were two.

Things YouCan Do As You Grow Up!

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