• Reticent 0:14

  • Considerate0:17

  • Prudent0:13

  • Blurt0:15

blurt: to say something suddenly without thinking:

Example: Even through the teacher was talking, I couldn’t help blurting out that there was a snake slithering through the classroom!

prudent: doing things in a wise and careful way:

Example: The doctor told our parents that it is prudent not to serve us food with lots of sugar.

reticent:  uncertain about expressing yourself therefore, likely not to say anything.

Example: I was reticent to tell dad I didn't like the gift he bought mom for her birthday.

considerate:showing you are aware of others feelings and acting in a way that is kind.

Example:  It was so considerate of my brother to bring me ice cream to cheer me up when I was feeling sad.

Oops, I'd Better Not Say That!

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