Where’s the Dog in Hotdog?

Copyright Nancilee Wydra, 2014. All rights reserved.  This information can not be duplicated or reproduced.

Language is puzzling or at least it seems to be.
Do you find it confusing or maybe it's just me?

Meat or meet, we or wee, mail a letter, not a male.

Where’s the dog in hotdog or the cats in a cattail?
Some words sound the same but their meanings are not alike.
And if you confuse their spelling what you write won’t be right.

Then there are spelling rules that always seem to change
Why that is I'm not sure, but it does seem very strange.

Put "i" before "e" but, not after "c" is a rhyme I learned at school
But, after a “c” if you put an “ie”, you’d be an utter fool
But, when an"e" is before an  "i" it sounds like the letter "a".
As in words like, neighbor, or also weigh, or sleigh.
However, the word leisure which means to take it easy?
Breaks the “ei” rule again; I think I’m feeling queasy.

Then there’s grammar, the way sentences are put together
Knowing all the rules is harder than predicting weather
Will I ever learn all I need to write without mistakes?
I’m told if I pay attention, that’s all it really takes.