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achieve:  bring about or accomplish something.

example:  If I work hard enough at skiing, I am sure to achieve enough know-how to ski down the bigger slopes.  

assist: to help, give support or aid doing something. 

example  I like to assist the teacher in readying the classroom for the day by washing the blackboard and placing the daily assignment on each desk.   

enamored: to be charmed or captivated by someone or something.

example: Joanne was enamored by the French language, so much so that she took lessons even before languages were introduced at school. 

punctuation: the practice or system of using certain conventional marks or characters in writing in order to separate elements and make the meaning clear, as in ending a sentence or separating clauses.   

Example:  Punctuation, like life, gives things clarity and being understood by others is the key to being happy.    

clout:  to give more power or significance to something.

Example: I find standing up gives more clout to my words and others are more likely to listen to me.       

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