Highlighted words stand out on a page,

it's my job to help you know why.

It could be something you need to remember,

or something to kiss goodbye?


However, I prefer to highlight a virtue,

the one you can sing about in song.

Pointing out what you do right,

not what you do wrong.


So I changed the intention of all highlights.

 I make virtuous things stand out.

I only slash kind, compassionate actions,

that brings only good things about.


I use yellow slashes when you write  “thank you”

 or give any help that’s worthwhile.

Like when you text a friend who is sad,

making unhappiness change into the feeling of glad.


Ranger Highlighter wants you to help others,

 by boosting their self-esteem,

You should do a caring acts everyday,

then all lives would be a sweet dream.


So whether you write it or say it, 

make kindness your personal sphere.

It’s best to put a smile on a face, 

and rid others of frowns or tears.


I make sure all good deeds are highlighted,

in yellow, a color that's easy to see.

I hope that all the kids in the world

become part of my kind hearted tree.

Copyright Nancilee Wydra, 2014. All rights reserved.  This information can not be duplicated or reproduced.

Ranger Highlighter