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O's  Vocabulary Page

O Vocabulary

proclaim:announce, make public, make known.

example: The principal proclaimed, via the school's PA system, that from now on latecomers would not be let into the auditorium.  

loads: mental or physical weights or burdens.

example:  It certainly took a load off my mind when my best friend called me from the hospital to tell me that she had not broken her leg in the fall.

stoat: relative of a weasel that can perform amazing acrobatics to hypnotize their prey because the prey can't stop watching them.  (see "Animals You'd Love if You Knew Them") 

​example: If chasing doesn't work, the stoat makes wild and crazy moves so the rabbit will stop running to watch these antics.

vim and vigor: spirited, exuberant or having extra energy or drive.

​example: You’d think he’d be tired after running the marathon, but Dan was full of vim and vigor and practically ran another mile before he stopped.