Oh my dear, I'm completely round.
 If pushed, I'd roll across the ground. 
O folks puff up and proclaimto all,
 I’m the shape that invented the ball.

Basketball, hula-hoop, Frisbee, or a wheel, 
Without being round, would have far less appeal.

Because wheels are in the shape of an O,
Cars and trucks and trains can go.
On paths, trails, highways, and roads,
Making it easy to lug big, heavy loads.

O’s can be quite different; they’re not at all the same.
Think of animals and foods with O starting their name.
There’s orangutan, octopus, otter and ox,
And open-faced sandwiches with cream cheese and lox.
There are oranges, olives, oysters and oats,
Orcas, ospreys, owls, but never stoats.

 O’s know that healthy meals will boost their  vigor and vim.
They make sure that their lunchbox is packed up to the brim.
With veggies and fruits all cleaned and uncooked,
On wholesome foods all O kids are hooked.

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O is the Best Letter of the Alphabet !