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W Vocabulary

waken: to stimulate from inactivity or sleep; to create an interest in.

example:  The author insisted that the book's cover should waken interest in reading it. 

absorb: to take in such as ideas, or if a sponge a liquid.

example: It is one thing to read a textbook, but another thing to absorb the information in it.

witty: funny and clever.

example: Josh's witty remarks always made the class laugh, much to the teacher's annoyance.

wacky: silly, or acting or doing something differently.

example:  They had some wacky ideas for how to sell the Girl Scout cookies.

waylaid: prevented from doing something, usually unexpectedly and not in a friendly way.

example: I was trying to get to school on time, but was waylaid by some kids throwing snowballs.