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The Book of U
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X is the Best Letter of the Alphabet !


"I won’t be read often," says X with a frown.

"I’m the least used letter; I know that hands-down.

Plus there are uncommon features,

In all X named creatures.

Like Xenop, a bird that just hops around,  

On branches of trees but not on the ground. 

Or X-Ray-Tetra a fish you can see through, 

Granting those close a most intimate view.

Plus there are uncommon features,
In all X named creatures.​


Without X it would be hard for kids to grow tall.

They couldn’t eXpand without this letter at all.

Kids might not be happy if they wanted more candy,

Because without X, there wouldn't be eXtra handy.


If your name begins with an X, get excited because, 

If you hide from eXams, there’d be lots of applause!