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Winning or Losing

It’s soccer time, Saturday morn.

Why do I feel a bit forlorn?
I love to kick the ball and run.
Playing soccer can be lots of fun.

A thought flashed across my mind,
Revealing to me what is behind,
My reluctance to play on my team,
And then go out and have ice cream.

My only wish is to win every day,

Which is pretty silly and not the right way.

Because when I have the ball, I can't control,

The urge to kick and make a goal.

The game, of course,  might improve,
If I pass the ball to make the move.

Wanting to win can spoil the day.

Pressure can make you lose your way.

Coach tells me not to get uptight,
Because losing is really quite all right.

You play for joy in any sport,
On ice or field or indoor court.

Still, if I had the chance to choose,
I’d rather win the game than lose.

But truly the outcome is of no concern,

Teamwork is the real prize to learn.