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impress: to deeply affect the mind or feelings of another; influence.

example:  She always combed her hair and washed her face not to impress anyone, but because she felt better about herself after she was groomed.

triumph: victories, achievements. 
example: “What a triumph!” Golden’s parents said, “Imagine you are both an honor roll student and voted most responsible on your first report card."

bounty: a reward or gift because of some service done or accomplished.

example: Matt enjoyed the bounty of winning many tickets at the arcade.

destined: something that is going to happen or is bound to be.
example:  Sara was destined to be a singer. She not only had a fabulous voice, but loved to sing.

sympathetic: truly understanding how another person feels.
example: Sam was sympathetic when his friend cried as she told him of her cat’s illness.

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