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S is the BestLetter of the Alphabet !


S is theBest Letter of the Alphabet !

Surely sandwiches, sorbets, and strawberry pies,
Make your mouth water and bring smiles to your eyes.
S foods are satisfying, mouth-watering treats,
With S starting your name, life will surely be sweet.

The letter S has a great deal of grace,
I bet if it had legs it would win every race.

A significant ingredient to help all S kids achieve,
Has to do with the system in which they believe.
S folks always stay focused not just to impress,
Single-mindedness is their secret way to success.

Remember after triumphs, there are others out there,
With whom all your bounty you're destined to share.
S kids are sympathetic and always forgiving.
They make life so much better for all who are living.